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 For The Rack: Notes from Negotiations

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Lise Portelance

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PostSubject: For The Rack: Notes from Negotiations   Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:00 am

*Please move this to the Rack*

For those who requested the notes from the negotiations during the first game:


Cease fire discussion

=> request to discontinue physical conflicts within specific areas
=> cease fire includes direct physical violence which can bring undo attention, except against the demons, keeping non-involved mortal deaths to a minimum
=> cease fire prohibits the use of supernatural powers against the members of this group, excluding passive and defensive powers
=> cease fire is only intended for those in attendance and those they represent
=> cease fire duration 3 months, to be renegotiated at that time
=> duels accepted, details to be discussed at next meeting, Stephen to prepare
=> effective immediately agreement in principle, in two weeks time a final agreements to be signed
=> enforcement of agreement to the cease fire between those in attendance in order to facilitate discussion over the next two weeks
Alex, on behalf of the training academies, offered to provide combat training for a price, of course

If anything needs to be added, modified, etc, please email:

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For The Rack: Notes from Negotiations
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