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 Modern Wolf's Den

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PostSubject: Modern Wolf's Den   Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:57 pm

Lyra sighed heavily as the water first hit her flesh, hot almost scalding sending steam out into the small and rather dingy bathroom. She gripped the wash cloth as though it had some greater purpose and scrubbed at her skin furiously, scrubbed till it was red and sore.
She watched her feet as the water carried away the filth from the meeting, the filth her father had scented on her when she first opened the car door.
" what in the hell has you been mangling with!?"
It has been said softly and through clenched teeth and yet it still managed to bite at her skin like his fangs.
Soon she would be clean though, a few more minutes of scrubbing and the water would wash it from her flesh and down that drain.

Stepping out of the shower she tied a towel around her self and pulled a brush through her hair.
The meeting had gone well enough, the others in this city seemed interesting and ready to deal. She was certain they would see her fathers wishes met, after all he would no doubt be willing to aid them in all this demon stuff. She went over the faces, and voices which belonged to the people she'd met that evening, their scent and how some had reeked of blood. That bitter metallic scent that scrunched your nose when you smelt it. Not the sweet warm scent of it freshly spilled.
There were one or two she would have liked to speak with more, quite, so quite though out the whole thing, and others still whom she wanted nothing to do with.
The Promethean, she paused in brushing her hair. She would have to speak with her father about him. There was so much she felt she could learn from him, and he from her.
She shook her head and settled her hair around her face. Dressing carefully so as not to fall over in the cramped space she went out to await her father's return.

It wasn't long before she was sitting beside the bed, knees to her chest his hand absently on the top of her head. Long fingers hardened by work and the hunt patting her softly as his other hand took scrawling notes in a small leather bound book.
He listened closely to what his daughter told him of the individuals that had gathered and made arrangements to have a contract of sorts sign.

Christian scoffed, pushing his glasses down away from his eyes a moment. " they expect us to sign a cease fire? hmm, we'll see how that meet with my requests before I sign a damned thing"

He hadn't taken the news that he couldn't leave this city rather well, but it could have its uses. After all, it's easier to run down your prey the smaller their places to run.

He shut his eyes a moment, a tired gesture before he allowed himself to gaze down at his child. She was so much more like him in truth then like her wretched and vile mother. He grit his teeth at the memory and his grip tightened slightly on Lyra's quickly drying hair, causing her to raise her eyes up to meet his.
He shook himself from though and gave her a small reassuring smile before going back to his notes.

" What else did they tell you ?"

she gave him what she had and mentioned the hunting of the /whites/
Which was her way of asking permission for such an excursion.
Naturally it was given so long as she learned something from it.

" You should try to return with something that we can study of these things"
He mused quietly after that, checking the time on and off. He set the alarm for early morning. They would train early so as to have some time to scout out a few things before hunting that evening .
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Modern Wolf's Den
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