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 demons werewolfs and mages oh my

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PostSubject: demons werewolfs and mages oh my   Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:51 pm

carli sat at her table telling vala most of what had happends leaving out small details like her distain for having to put up with all the other supernaturals. carli had hopes that vala had an over all sceme, something that would aid her in cleansing the city of these others and allowing the mortals to be free to walk there paths without being eaten by a werewolf being soul sucked or being drained in a gastly display of animalisum by her so called kind.
vala would not comment on her plans but merely sat there with a large smirk on her face. vala knew peace comes to thoughs whom prepare for war. but this was a leason which did not need carli's involvment just her obedience .
carli desided to turn in early that morning as she was mental wreched with the events of late. "what can i do about this?" "how can i be expected to be quiet and politicaly correct with so much coruption surrounding her" ones things for sure she intended on proving or disproving a couple pop culture myths about thoughs whoms shes meet.
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demons werewolfs and mages oh my
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