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 quiet such an uncommon sound

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PostSubject: quiet such an uncommon sound   Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:04 pm

the gathering had been a quiet one with her own covenate growing she seemed a little more cheerfull. she was a little curious of the newcomer, she was going to have to meet with this one and determin his potential use. other matters seemed to be going well she tested the premis of her holding alisiums on the island, as she expected the idea was not widely apporved. some ideas where mentioned that she had not thought of but the fact remained they needed a far more secure location after all what kinda place allows a person to walk in with 8 guns on them i mean thats just not tolerable .
vala was sitting in the dark looking over a few forms when carli walked in "how did it go this evening?" "i trust you were a little less vocal"
carli held her head steedy and proclamed in a sarcastic tone "yes mistress"
vala sat stuned for a moment having heard the tone "if you talk of the plan too much you atract attention to me i would rather not have the vamps of the city know whom i am that why they dont track me down so easily its fine for mortals to know whom i am but i would rather not have other preditors know of me" "now go do something usefull like aquire more of this island for me"
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quiet such an uncommon sound
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