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 Friday Evening

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Lise Portelance

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PostSubject: Friday Evening   Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:03 pm

Lise woke up to her Mac chiming the hour, 16:00. It was Friday. She still had a couple of hours before sunset, giving her almost three hours before going to visit Stephen. Yawning, she stretched, then rolled over to turn off the alarm pre-programed on her computer. She went to the bathroom, poured herself a bath, started the coffee machine, and checked her email and voicemail. Nothing new. By the time the bath was ready, she had poured a cup of coffee and chosen her outfit for the night.

The bath and her morning coffee were the only luxuries from her old life she still permitted herself to enjoy. Candles, scented oils, and the near-scalding water were as close to heavenly she would ever get. The ritual helped her aching muscles and settled her stomach somewhat. As the bathroom mirror began to steam, she began weaving her usual multi-layered shields. One to hide the nature of her soul, one for physical protection, and the last for magical protection. She spent the rest of the hour watching the flickering of the candles, and only that.

Refreshed, she dressed in a black turtle-neck and leather pants, layering underneath. It was damn cold outside and she knew she'd be spending at least a good part of the night on her bike. Her leather jacket, helmet, and gloves added padding, but not much in the way of heat retention.

Taking one last look in the mirror, she noted that the previous week's scouring and backlash were still having an effect on her. She had lost weight (puking up blood does that) and she looked even paler than her 'Sire". At least tonight she would look the part of his 'Childe'. With luck she'd be in bed early this morning, hopefully before dawn.

She got her things, locked the door, and went to the underground garage. Taking turns with her different sights, she made sure her bike had not been tampered with in any way. Satisfied, she took to the road, leaving her apartment complex in the exact opposite direction of which she wanted to take. An hour ride around different parts of the city should confuse anyone attempting to gleam which direction she had came from. Neither her cabal nor her 'Sire' knew exactly where she lived, and Lise preferred it that way.
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Friday Evening
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