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The Dance Macabre has come to Sudbury Nights
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 KoroKaze's Dilemma

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PostSubject: KoroKaze's Dilemma   Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:01 pm

Looking at the gathered Vampires and... Others... I feel a... longing for the simple existence where the people "fed" on can still live - nott like my victims. Where the choice of a victim does not have to end in a funeral.

I envy the Vampires the simple choice. The option to allow their victims peace and life.

Is that wrong...

Once I was on a path of glory. A dedicated warrior for knowledge. So easily was I pulled into this life by the promise of time, unlimited, to search for the knowledge I crave.


My flaw. I envy others their knowledge and wisdom and it led to damnation. Now I envy the Vampires their simple choice to leave victims alive, where will that lead... I wonder...
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KoroKaze's Dilemma
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