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 Vampire Farming

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PostSubject: Vampire Farming   Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:08 pm

So recent experiments have shown that Vampires make poor sources of mana unless it can be harvested in a raw fashion. Stored the Vitae drops off and becomes near worthless.

So the solution would seem to be: Vampire Farming

So the idea would be to capture the little blood suckers, lock them in a cell, and throw "food" to them from time to time. Then when needed knock them out and bleed them. A nice renewable source of Mana.

I think I will start with 3 vamps. They shouldn't need arms or legs and that will make them more controllable. A simple steal head mask screwed on and some metal straps, and tada... a vampire blood bag is created. Then just dribble blood into the mask and take the vitae from them as needed.

A good experiment in renewable energy.
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Vampire Farming
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