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 unending details

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PostSubject: unending details   Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:08 am

night had fallen over the city as carli's phone rang remindng her of her overworked lifestyle. it wasent enough for her to simply head the entire legal division of darpa's sudbury operations theater but she was also on constant call from the so called ceo of this office. she had come to know vala very well over the years but even though they had a friendship of someform it always seemed to her that vala wasent quite sure of what she was doing, always reacting never acting.
tonight she was going to go on a patrol run with a bunch of vala's cronies to make sure the island was secure. she took a pause and called vala "wouldent it be easier to simple use infered cameras to pic up humaniod shaped ambiant high objects"
vala paused for a moment thinking over what carli had said " i'll order some right away " she hung up the phone quickly not likeing to be thought of as a fool
"i'll never understand that woman, god i would tell her to grow a brain but as i have witness myself god only does small miricals" said carli she ended the call
the patrol had led them to dicover that others where feeding in there island and being very messy about it.
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unending details
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