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 What odd Creatures They Are. . .

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PostSubject: What odd Creatures They Are. . .   Thu Feb 21, 2008 10:47 am

It mazes me to think that once I was "normal" and had idea of the monsters that walked thru our world. Yet as I now travel this enchanted evening of people I see the multitude of dead bodies walking around feigning life.

Everywhere people go the monsters are waiting, to hunt them, feed from them, scare them, get revenge on them, or just ignore them as inconsequencial. Yet without these simple normal people none of the monsters would exist. After all you can not be undead if you had not died. You cannot Awaken if you did not sleep. You cannot turn furry if you were always thus. Even he golem was assembled fro the aprts of discarded humanity. Yet, we - the monsters - try to pretend that we are better than them. That they are really not important to us.

We think the Sleeps are the deluded once, yet they do not have the means to see what is there. They have no choice but to Sleep. In truth it is we who are deluded, we who can see, who know the truths, and yet deny our origins. Tinking oursleves superior we look down on the majority and think ourselves enlightened.

What poor creatures we are. The Monster. The fiends. The Hunters. The Deluded.
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What odd Creatures They Are. . .
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