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 now you've really done it

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PostSubject: now you've really done it   Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:48 am

carli was giving her report on the alysium that evening to vala. everything seems like it was going horribly wrong that night with no end in sight.

vala stood up from her chair and spoke softy to carli "you realive i'm going to have to cover this up right?" she paused for a moment before continuing "its such a shame trully i had better hopes for you, now sleep"

carli awoke finding herself chained to a table her sceams were muffled by the ball gag in her mouth she wiggled in vain looking around to she what she could see. the only things visable in the room was a camera a band saw and another table with various impliments on it. again she tryed to scream hopeing against all odds that someone would hear her and that some how she would make it out of this.

a door opend and over the speakers a computerised voice was heard "why are you here? do you know yet?"

carli could only struggle not knowing what exactly was happening.

"you are here to be made example of cooperation will be rewarded insubordination will be punished"

again carli struggled trying her best to break free.

"you will cooperate with the state for the good of the state and your own survival you will confess to the crimies of which you have been acquessed you will be release and retured to sociatly if you cooperate resistance will be punished cooperatation will be rewarded" this sound echoed through the room continuously as the door closed
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now you've really done it
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