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 this is going to seem a little odd

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PostSubject: this is going to seem a little odd   Thu Mar 06, 2008 3:52 pm

Vala thought for several hours, contemplating the choice to be made. It was clear she was goiing to still need a represetitive, but whom should she choose ? she had a variaty of people under her wing, but it seemed wise not to have a male represet her interests, though then again it was a woman who got her into this situation in the first place. It was clear this was something that could not be desided on using an arcaic template she was actually going to need to sit down with her associates and see which one seemed the most level headed and not prone to compulsive behavoir.

She held a serise of interviews evaluating the different people under her employ before the perfect canidate was choosen. her name was Katrena Smith. the name dident stand out and she seemed a little meek. now came the difficult part, explaining to them that vampires and other wonky stuff is real.

Vala "i need to explain something to you before i get you to do me a favor, now this is going to seem a little odd and you may even think i'm crazy but i have to tell you so that you dont freak out at another point in time when you discover this for youself. now how to put this? you've watched movies on vampires and werewolves and that sort of thing right? well yeah they kinda exist not in the hollywood sence but yeah they are real, and before you scream or call the local mental health establishment i should also tell you that i am a vamprie that way you can see were not all evil demons from hell."

Katrena looked stuned "wha... your quite serious arent you?"

Vala looked at katrena stright in the eye and said "yes i am serious. havent you wondered why i was giving you guys special equipment to help keep the island secure? Well its because vampires dont show up on normal cameras and not all but most are good willed"

Katrena "so let me see if i have this correct you feel the need to inform me of this before i do you a favor so like what are you planing on throwing me into a group of these things?"

Vala smirked "actually... yes yes i do plan on throwing you into the middle of a group of them but your just there to observe take notes and avoid tarnishing what i stand for"

Katrena looked around "and what am i getting out of this?"

Vala "well that would very much depend on what you wanted but i am sure we could come to an arrangment."

Katrena left still puzzled on what was going to happen but she was confident vala was only trying to scare her and that if she actually does meet any of these "vampires" they were most likely just as crazy as Vala.
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this is going to seem a little odd
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