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 the punishment of sins

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PostSubject: the punishment of sins   Thu Mar 06, 2008 11:36 pm

Lyra watched her father's face as he unfolded the soft peice of silk cloth, red nearly crimson. He layed it out so carefully and allowed its contents to be exposed.
The silver dagger wrapped with in, its handle a bone from thier ansestors. She'd always admired it, and feared it.

She'd used it once before and had it used apon her. It would seem her time of punishment had come again.

Her father layed it down cautiously, so as not to touch the balde himself and turned to her, his face a cold mask as he removed his glasses and set those too aside.
She did her best not to flinch, not to speak, only wait.

HIs claws crashed into her shoulder with the force of a truck, knocking her easly to the floor in a heap , blood seeping down her arm as he stood over her. They were so sharp she almost didn't feel it.

She grit her teeth and pulled herself to her knees before him.

" There is no shame in what we are, We are pure, you are pure...never burned by the bitch mother luna, never soiled by her..."

He paused his eyes aflame as he spoke.

"but we must be descrite, or as much as can be with what it is we must do."

Lyra understood, this was a small sin, but a sin nonthe less and thus she must take punishment.

Her father reached for the blade, his free hand taking hold of her tossled hair to steady her. The haulter shirt she wore exposed the expanse of her back and she locked her jaw as the tip of the blade first touched her.

Slamed her fists into the floor as it bit into her flesh and burned, growled low in her throat as the start of the symbol was drawn, tears running down her cheeks she finaly screamed when it was done.

She felt his hand remove it'self from her hair and could hardly hear the knife hit the floor though the white hot pain, but she felt the crushing strength of her fathers arms around her.

She knew there'd be a neat imprint of her scar bloody on his white dress shirt. He held her and would do so till the shaking passed.

" All is now forgiven my child"

He whispered other soothing words to her, made soft wolf sounds to comfort and she smiled knowing she'd taken her punishment and her father was proud!
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the punishment of sins
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