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 relax it happens to the best of us

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PostSubject: relax it happens to the best of us   Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:28 pm

Vala sat in her office quite content with her new representative, she was gaining a better idea of how this group viewed there most valuable resource. It was clear that some only saw her beloved humans as a source of sustaining existence. This thought bewildered Vala and Carli alike, they could not fathom the loathing some of the other vampires had towards humans.
There was a small mater to be dealt with and Vala hated being the bad guy but it was a necessary evil. She could not tolerate the idea of someone else fixing the mistakes she had made in the past. Vala's mistakes were her own demons and she would correct them.
She decided to leave her office as the office reminded her of the impending choices to be made she wanted to take a break from her obligations. She walked over to the cafeteria where even at this hour of night there were several people enjoying a good company paid for meal and the beautiful view of the moon light bouncing off the lake into the large room being reflected and absorbed be the surroundings. The artists that put this place together sure seemed to put a lot of focus on the moonlight and the sound in the room echoed the sound of the water rushing up against the concrete water barriers which where designed to make it sound like the small waves of the lake where actually waves from the ocean which just further added to the serenity.
This moment of purity was not meant to last, the sun wound be coming up in only a few short hours. Vala found her way to her secret office just beyond the heavy machinery which drove the various labs and construction facilities. It was originally designed as a sensory deprivation chamber but Vala and Carli had turned it into a nice little apartment where they could sleep the day away.
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relax it happens to the best of us
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