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 and the beat goes on

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PostSubject: and the beat goes on   Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:41 pm

Vala sat in her office, it seemed cold and desolate. Normally there would be Carli sitting on the edge of her desk yammering about some random small detail, but entertainer her unoccupied mind none the less. It was a pity what she had to do but it could not be helped.
She sighed and called upon Katrena hoping she would bring her out of her despair. Vala and Katrena talked for a long time about various thing before Vala realized it Katrena was starting to teeter off to sleep. She looked peaceful in her slumber it seemed inappropriate to move her, besides the local office would have a field day with the rumors. She helped her over to the couch in her office and set about her trip down to the apartment set aside. She recalled the conversation in her mind as she walked down the long hallways and loud machine shops. She was glad to see that Katrena was making a remarkably devious assistant, and soon there would come a time when Katrena would lead a small group of her fellow humans against enemy vampires. She tried to plan for these encounters as much as possible but there was many things left which would possibly be needed like a plasma cutter that could fit into a cigarette case, a ascending device which was also very very small and with luck the best body armor in the world.
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and the beat goes on
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