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 ATTENTION! Game Over.

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PostSubject: ATTENTION! Game Over.   Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:41 am

After a brief discussion with most of the former players I've come to the decision to call this game to an end. All of the materials are currently being kept in my possession, and if anyone would like to claim something they believe is theirs they can talk to me about it. Of particular note:

Whoever owns the World of Darkness main Larp book and the Vampire: The Requiem Larp book that I own, as I will no longer require them they're here to pick up, I believe they belong to Carole.

The current Mage: The Ascension book belongs to Anthony, it's quite new. There's also a second copy of the Larp book wandering somewhere in Sudbury that was left at the Downtown Mall that doesn't have an owner.

All the characters and character sheets have no particular owner, however none of the sheets will be given to one person without the creator's permission.

All the leftover materials including folders, pencils and item cards can be asked for by anyone who attempts to run, and has a playerbase for, another larp game.

You too can be part of the PG program!
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